When your pet is seriously ill, can you do something more than give pills and medicines?

I am sure most of you have heard the phrases, “Be positive…think good thoughts…everything will be okay,” etc. But really, will it? Is it possible that thoughts can create healthier outcomes? I recently attended the annual American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association meeting in Kentucky, and participated in a great lecture by Dr. Susan Wagner on the Power of Intention in Healing. Let’s examine the spiritual component of healing, and I’ll share some of what we discussed at this lecture.

From quantum physics and the work and research of such great scientists as Albert Einstein, Neals Bohr, and others, the power of intention has been demonstrated to have the capacity to sway the trajectory of a bullet (fired by a gun) away from the target! If this astonishing feat is true, why not use this “power of intention” to also heal our pets when they are sick?

Fully utilizing the power of intention takes practice to achieve, and requires diving deeper into oneself. You must go beyond your programmed thinking, and beyond the thoughts that distract us from connecting with the ailing pet or person. It takes clearing out negative energy, and channeling an intention from a deep and peaceful place within your heart. Courses such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Tui Na, and other disciplines of healing are great resources to learn the principles from which you develop your skills.

In other words, you learn and develop the ability to focus and channel your energy clearly. You must focus your mind, heart, and spirit into a positive intention (in a form of an energy wave) for a positive outcome onto a pet or human. Intention cannot be about oneself, in a selfish way, nor can it be directed in a hurtful way upon others. The intention must be “pure” and the desired result must be ethical and have integrity.

How is intention different from prayer? Prayer and intention are very similar. Without putting a label on any religion, prayer is more than reciting words. Prayer is everything the power of intention is, but includes a belief in a “Higher Power” (God, a Saint, or Angel) that is usually called upon to bring down their benevolent energy to aid in a positive outcome. This energy is acknowledged in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is called the Universal or Cosmic Energy Qi, and can be channeled with training and self development.

These energies (intention and prayer) can be explained using quantum physics, as can the power of love. All three create a positive wave that can restore balance to an ailing pet or person. So don’t be ashamed to pray for your dog or cat. Learn to channel positive intentional energy into your pets through the food you prepare, and the touching you do: petting, massaging, bathing, and giving supplements or medications. Bless the food and supplements before you give them.

When your pet is ill, make an extra effort to focus positive intent and healing energy towards your friend.Worry, fear, and anger will not support healing, and will cause you emotional pain, in addition to adding further stress on your pet. Animals are very sensitive and can pick up on subtle changes in our mood or energy. Remember, intentional healing takes continual practice, so do not be discouraged if you don’t succeed at it right away. It is surely a skill worth cultivating!