Learn More About Dr. B's Weekly Radio Show Pets, People, & Paradise
“Pets, People, & Paradise” is an ongoing radio broadcast from Dr. Basko. It airs live every Saturday morning on the Hawaii-based radio station KKCR. You can also listen online via KKCR.org by tuning in at 9:00 – 10:00 am Hawaii Standard Time, every Saturday. Each week, we’ll post a new episode from Dr. B’s radio show so you can enjoy it at your convenience.

Topics covered in “Pets, People, & Paradise” include current events, holistic and natural tips and strategies that you can apply to yourself and/or your pets, book and movie reviews, meditative musical moments, and caller pet dilemmas with detailed answers straight from Dr. B.


In this episode of “Pets, People, & Paradise” …

  • Dr. Basko explains the basics of heart disease – what it is, common symptoms, common traditional “Western Medicine” therapies, and holistic strategies for strengthening and regenerating the heart.
  • Dr. B and a caller discuss the dangers of common household pesticides and chemicals (and encourage listeners to be extra cautious of their cats when fumigating their house for pests). Another caller asks about the right age to start puppies on Heartgard preventative.
  • Other topics include:  Spirulina and blueberries as “brain food.” How these foods can be super beneficial to your pet’s health. The correlation between BPA (chemical found in plastics), commercial diets, and skin problems in kitties.

Each podcast is approx. 1 hour in length and can also be found on iTunes. Original air date: April 2, 2011.