Dr. Basko is available for veterinary consultations for preventative care, diet formulation, and treatment plans for illnesses your pet(s) may be experiencing. He will examine and study your pets’ health records, laboratory tests and/or x-rays, and provide you with a treatment plan specifically designed for their needs.

As Dr. Basko’s in-person clinic appointments are often booked some time in advance, it is required for all new clients to first have a phone consultation with Dr. Basko so that we can ensure that your pet is receiving care right away.

In-person Appointments (on Kauai and Oahu, in Hawaii)

Dr. Basko holds limited clinic hours on Kauai for in-person appointments for acupuncture, diet consultations, and holistic advising for ongoing medical issues. Oahu appointments are housecall only and are generally booked several months in advance. As of June 2017, Oahu housecalls are currently booked through the end of the year. Please consider scheduling a phone consultation to help your pet.

Kauai hours: Tuesdays from 9 am – 12:00 pm, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 am – 5:30 pm.

Oahu hours: Dr. Basko is on Oahu every 6-8 weeks for two days. Housecalls are scheduled by neighborhood. June 2017: Not currently scheduling housecall appointments.

Not in Hawaii? U.S. telephone consultations available!

Dr. Basko also regularly schedules phone consultations to help patients all over the United States. With over 35 years experience of healing animals, he is able to provide insight and guidance to address a wide range of medical problems remotely. Please call or email us for more info, or if you have any questions regarding this service. Dr. Basko does not do international phone consults.

email: info (at) drbasko (dot) com
tel: (808) 822-4229

Are you interested in becoming a patient of Dr. Basko?

Here’s what we’ll need from you prior to scheduling a consultation.

  1. Please fill out and submit our consultation form located on our consultation page. Be sure to include your current vet’s phone number so we can request prior veterinary records.
  2. Then, please take a few digital photos of your pet so Dr. Basko can assess their overall physical condition. Please take at least one shot of your pet overall, a close-up of the face, and then photograph any areas where there may be bumps, lumps, rashes, or redness. A picture of your pet’s tongue is also very helpful. Iphone photos are okay, and photos can be emailed to: info (at) drbasko (dot) com

Once we have all of the above info, we’ll call you to schedule a time for your phone consultation.