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What is Holistic Medicine?

Kolohe enjoys a beautiful day at Polihale, Kauai

Kolohe enjoys a beautiful day at Polihale, Kauai

Holistic (veterinary) medicine is a method of approaching health and wellness that focuses on all components of an animal’s life in order to identify deficiencies, weaknesses, and other contributing factors of a particular health issue. It often goes beyond just the physical symptoms of an issue, so that the issue can not only be managed, but also resolved!

Health includes the body, mind, and spirit of the pet; thus holistic medicine will often examine the environmental, psychological, behavioral, and dietary background of an animal in order to formulate an action plan that best addresses each factor to expedite the healing process and ensure lasting health.

The holistic perspective of healing recognizes that the whole body must be in balance for good health to exist.

The main focus of holistic veterinary medicine is prevention of disease through natural diets, proper exercise and training, and vitamin and herbal supplementation.

Learn more about holistic medicine here, and why we recommend it over the traditional approach to pet health care.

Who is Dr. Basko?

drb-makana005Dr. Ihor Basko is the top dog here (haha), and has been practicing holistic veterinary medicine for over 35 years!

A leading authority on holistic animal health, Dr. B was one of the first to study the effectiveness of acupuncture in animals at UCLA, and is one of the founders of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association.

He frequently lectures to veterinarians, animal trainers, and animal caretakers on the use of Holistic modalities in Hawaii, North America and Asia, and has published numerous articles, videos, and books on various holistic health care topics. Basically, he loves learning and is constantly researching, reading, and exploring all kinds of healing modalities to share with his clients and colleagues.

Clients know him as the “easy-going vet, who takes his time with the animals.” And because of his slow and gentle approach, he is often the only vet able to work with extremely sensitive animals (no muzzles or sedatives needed!).

Dr. Basko recognized early on that the best approach to health care was to create an environment that facilitated good energetic health. Thus, his primary care practice on the island of Kauai looks and feels more like a tropical spa than a typical pet hospital; with soft padding for animals to lay on while they receive their treatments, lots of natural sunlight and warmth, and calm music and sounds playing throughout the clinic.

And he wouldn’t have it any other way! :)

One of Dr. B's "exam rooms" in his clinic on Kauai, Hawaii

One of Dr. B’s “exam rooms” in his clinic on Kauai, Hawaii

Learn more about Dr. B’s credentials and background here: About Dr. B

Here’s an in-depth interview with Dr. B on how he got started!

Check out Dr. B’s in-depth book on dog nutrition and diet therapy here: Fresh Food & Ancient Wisdom

What Should I Read First?

"What should I read first?"

“What should I read first?”

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