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In-Depth Workshop on the Causes, Prevention,
& Management of Cancer

Sunday, December 3, 2017 • 1 pm – 5 pm – Hawaii Kai Golf Course (Oahu), Molokai Banquet Room

Back by popular demand! In this 4-hour class (first held in 2015), Dr. Basko will discuss the all-too-common ailment of cancer in dogs and cats. You’ll learn about the different types of cancers and how they are caused, along with prevention strategies.

Holistic & Conventional

Dr. Basko will spend time discussing cancer prevention and management of cancer already in progress.

He will go over how to use specific herbs and nutraceuticals for pain management, comfort, and calming, and share recipes that can boost your pet’s immune system.

He will explain how to improve your pet’s quality of life during treatment.

NEW addition to workshop: Dental health prevention & maintenance

There will be some time spent on dental and mouth health and how to prevent cancers in the mouth.

The workshop will include a printed workbook, as well as downloadable access to the workshop materials prior to the event. You can review the materials beforehand, or queue up the presentation on your mobile device during class.

We hope you’ll join us — Please encourage your friends and family to come too!

(Note: This is a repeat of the cancer workshop held in 2015)

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Downloadable workshop materials prior to the event, a printed workbook for notes, and light refreshments

Regular – $130
Couples – $235
Students – $55
Previous Cancer Class Attendee – $80
Previous Workshop Attendee – $105

QUESTIONS? Call us at (808) 652-4156 or send us an email



I thought the workshop was an excellent presentation for the lay community and commend you for getting the information out to the general public. 

Dr. Carole Fujioka, VMD, Kilani Pet Clinic

It has given me information to explain (gently) to our vet why we do not want to follow some of their recommendations. And, I must say that I was gathering information that can help the older humans in our family as well!! 


Thank you for allowing me to attend your great workshop! All my friends who also attended raved about it and are following up on many of your suggestions. It makes me so happy to see them open to new ideas to improve their own lives as well as their pets’ through TCM! Thanks to you, we try to eat smarter and use herbs which has made such a difference! 

Lynn A.

Dr. B is easy to listen to and the time goes by very quickly in his workshops… his style of presentation and the information and how it is presented, always keeps my interest.


The cooking workshop helped me feel much more confident about what I was already doing. It was very helpful to learn about the eastern approaches to food and how to adjust what you feed your dog to be in accord with your dog’s temperament and the climate you live in. I would definitely recommend this to other people.

Overall the seminar was excellent, so much information to cogitate on!! Thank you. I am looking forward to the next one!

Gail B.