Caring For Your Pets Through Their Silver Years, Part Two

The Silver Years – before you know it, your pets are showing signs of aging, including pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and food allergies. Most veterinarians treat these conditions with only antibiotics, drugs, and insufficient prescription diets containing corn gluten, wheat gluten and brewer’s rice. This approach will not improve blood flow, increase your senior pet’s circulation, or support healing and vitality. Most drugs simply control, suppress, or stimulate a reaction in the body, and do not necessarily support longevity. Little time and effort is spent looking at your pet as an individual. The problems return, costing pet owners more money and causing more suffering in their pets. What can you do?


Make your pet’s last years the best years!

You can do something now to support your pets through their silver years by learning to understand the early signs of aging — recognize symptoms, what they mean, and what to do about them. You can defer serious and chronic conditions during the aging process with supplementation of herbs, minerals, antioxidants, and a healthy diet. Come join me as I present a workshop on Oahu which addresses the necessary home care of your older cats and dogs. This workshop will give you the tools and information needed to help you know your pet better than your vet and enable you to enjoy many more happy years of living together with your aging pets — information beneficial for your personal health as well!

Aging is not “the beginning of the end” — it’s a new beginning, an opportunity to create a deeper relationship with your pets and help them age with dignity. Invest the time now, for less problems later. Learn what you can do to make your pet’s last years The Best Years instead of The Stress Years. Support health and enjoy life with your pet!

Topics Covered
  • Review Of Part 1: “Wa Shoku”: Eating in harmony with nature equals health; Tongue Diagnosis
  • Adapting Diets To Climate: What factors aggravate chronic conditions such as skin problems, intestinal problems, arthritic conditions and seizure activity?
  • How To Mollify And Quell Pets’ Reactions To Climatic Summer Conditions (Damp/Hot, Wind/Damp) through simple changes in the Diet
  • Causes Of Dementia, Seizures, And Neurologic Conditions of Aging. Which supplements help maintain brain and nerve health and function?
  • Common Causes Of Digestive Problems in Aging Pets: Pancreatitis, Liver Disease and Diarrhea. Which supplements and foods can help heal the problem?
Workshop Specifics

WHEN: Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 12 pm – 5 pm

WHERE: Hawaii Kai Golf Course – Molokai Banquet Room, 8902 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Downloadable workshop materials prior to the event

COST: $130 per person; Couples $235; Part 1 Attendees $105; Vet Students $55

Registration is closed
Please contact Suchi to be added to our waitlist
808-652-4156 or

REFUND POLICY: Cancellations through April 28, 2017 will be refunded minus a $25 processing fee. No refunds after April 28, 2017. Cancellation requests must be emailed to

QUESTIONS? Email Suchi at or call 808-652-4156




We think Dr. B’s classes are pretty great, but don’t take our word for it!
Here’s some feedback from prior attendees of our various workshops.

You’ll Be Booked!

I have already spread the word to many of my friends but do so reluctantly since it may be harder to attend the next seminar. YOU’LL BE BOOKED!!! Thank you for giving pet owners residing on Oahu the opportunity to attend.



Easy to Listen To

Dr. B is easy to listen to and the time goes by very quickly in his workshops… his style of presentation and the information and how it is presented, always keeps my interest.



Helped Me Talk To My Vet

It has given me information to explain (gently) to our vet why we do not want to follow some of their recommendations. And, I must say that I was gathering information that can help the older humans in our family as well!!



The Workshop is a Gift

The information provided throughout the workshop is superb, helpful and of the highest quality and quantity. The workshop is truly a gift to all of us pet owners who want so much to do our best for our beloved pets. It is helping to empower us to do best for our pets… I would definitely recommend the workshop(s) to anyone I knew who loves and cares for their dogs and cats and who want to do better for them. The valuable information you provide is worth any dog/cat owner attending as it contains the work of your lifetime dedicated to helping animals — it is a gem and you are one of the rare treasures of this paradise we call Hawaii. The way in which you examine and provide your healing work to our pets, as well as your willingness to put on these workshops, exemplifies such love and concern for the animals. It takes a lot of work, cost and time to put on any one of your workshops. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Gave Me More Confidence To Feed My Dog Properly

The cooking workshop helped me feel much more confident about what I was already doing. It was very helpful to learn about the eastern approaches to food and how to adjust what you feed your dog to be in accord with your dog’s temperament and the climate you live in. I would definitely recommend this to other people.

Overall the seminar was excellent, so much information to cogitate on!! Thank you. I am looking forward to the next one!

Gail Bursell


An Excellent Presentation

I thought the workshop was an excellent presentation for the lay community and commend you for getting the information out to the general public.

Dr. Carole Fujioka, VMD, Kilani Pet Clinic


Helped Me Re-Energize My Commitment to Healthy Foods For My Whole Family

This workshop helped to re-energize my commitment to a more healthful approach to food preparation, not only for our new puppy, but also for ourselves.

Nancy Dowling


I Finally Had A Clear Idea About How To Get Away From Commercial Pet Food

First, I want to say, I thought your workshop was excellent.

I have started cooking for my golden retriever already. Last night when I was making our dog’s food, my husband said “I think I will stop cooking and just eat Makamae’s food” because it looked so good!

Dr. B’s workshop gave me the confidence to start feeding my dog homemade meals. I have read a lot of articles on the internet and want to do what is best for my dog, but never knew what to trust. Aside from the material itself making a lot of sense, hearing from a practicing vet who has studied this for years and feeds his own dogs this way, made me feel very confident about getting away from the commercial pet food.

I look forward to attending more workshops in the future.

Lori Hesprich


Opened Us Up To New Ideas

Thank you for allowing me to attend your great workshop! All my friends who also attended raved about it and are following up on many of your suggestions. It makes me so happy to see them open to new ideas to improve their own lives as well as their pets’ through TCM!

Thanks to you, we try to eat smarter and use herbs which has made such a difference!

Lynn Arimoto



Delicious, easy-to-prepare, healthy meals to keep your pup happy. Let Dr. Basko teach you how!


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