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Dr. Basko holds pet care workshops on Oahu twice yearly. Look here for announcements, and make sure you join our mailing list so you can receive an email when we have a workshop.

Another great way to learn about current topics in holistic pet care is to listen to Dr. Basko’s radio show “Pets, People, & Paradise,” streamed live on KKCR, Kauai’s community radio station, on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 10 am, Hawaii Standard Time. Tune in to learn more about herbal medicine for your pets, facts on Hawaiian healing plants, diet and nutrition advice, and have your questions answered for free on air!

We will keep you posted once we schedule new workshops.


A million Mahalos to you, Dr. B, for giving me an entire YEAR more time with Mikki. As you recall, it was last February when he was given just 2 months to live. Holistic medicine works!

Lu F.

Dr. Basko, you worked miracles on Kian. He is almost itch-free since we saw you. It’s such a relief to see him comfortable in his skin again. Kian and I both thank you!

Sue H.

What a gift for dogs is this book! It tops my list for learning the basics of canine nutrition, providing a host of recipes for home-prepared meals and supplements for dogs of all ages and sizes, and in sickness and in health. Coupling years of clinical experience with plant medicine, macrobiotic philosophy and Eastern medicine, Dr. Basko’s book is an inspiration and wake-up call for veterinarians and all who care for dogs.

Dr. Michael W. Fox DVM, Author of Not Fit For A Dog: The Truth About Manufactured Dog And Cat Food

I have very high standards when it comes to caring for my cats, and am fortunate to have them under Dr. Basko’s care. He is a well-respected, talented expert in his field, which is important. Equally important, though, is his kind, gentle nature, and the fact that he treats animals with a great deal of respect and dignity.

It has become very apparent to me that Dr. B.’s main focus is on providing the highest level of care for animals — period. With Dr. B., I always feel that I receive excellent value for my financial outlay, which has not been true with many other veterinarians I’ve dealt with.

Dr. Basko is outstanding, and gets my highest recommendation!

Carol H.

You helped me with Lucy who had lymphoma cancer. They gave her 2 months to live at 13 years old. With your help and recipes as well she just passed away today peacefully in her sleep at the age of 15 and a half. The couple of vets I took little Lucy to were amazed how well she did for so long. They kept asking me what are you doing for her? They couldn’t believe the only medicine she was on was a small dosage of prednisone. Thank you Dr. B!

Carrie S.

Dr. Basko’s new book is one of the best books I have ever read on food therapy for dogs. I highly recommend it. A very high-quality printing, it can withstand life in the kitchen. 

Dr. Cindy Lankenau, DVM

I wanted to tell you that I think it is incredible. I was actually moved to tears, and I must say I’m not sure why other than I think I finally saw in print – in one source – all that I try to convey for my patients and more. You have a great way with words, and the breadth of your experience and care is evident in the book. Good energy! Also, before I was able to go through it thoroughly, I sold it in the clinic to the first client I saw!

So I’ll soon be ordering another for myself.

Dr. Shauna Cantwell, DVM, DACVA, CVA CVSMT

The book is a textbook for the serious veterinarian or dog owner who can use the recipes or the templates for making your own combinations of ingredients. It is absolutely wonderful. It mixes ease with reassurance, with many recipes available for all stages of a dog’s life and health. A very good buy – I’m now more confident consulting on diets, and the client will surely save much more than the price in vet bills. 

Dr. Janell Osborn, DVM

This workshop helped to re-energize my commitment to a more healthful approach to food preparation, not only for our new puppy, but also for ourselves. 

Nancy D.

Thank you for another great workshop! We always learn so much for our furry kids as well as our own health.

Kris G.

The information provided throughout the workshop is superb, helpful and of the highest quality and quantity. The workshop is truly a gift to all of us pet owners who want so much to do our best for our beloved pets. It is helping to empower us to do best for our pets… I would definitely recommend the workshop(s) to anyone I knew who loves and cares for their dogs and cats and who want to do better for them.

The valuable information you provide is worth any dog/cat owner attending as it contains the work of your lifetime dedicated to helping animals — it is a gem and you are one of the rare treasures of this paradise we call Hawaii. The way in which you examine and provide your healing work to our pets, as well as your willingness to put on these workshops, exemplifies such love and concern for the animals. It takes a lot of work, cost and time to put on any one of your workshops. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Faye N.

First, I want to say, I thought your workshop was excellent. I have started cooking for my golden retriever already. Last night when I was making our dog’s food, my husband said “I think I will stop cooking and just eat Makamae’s food” because it looked so good!

Dr. B’s workshop gave me the confidence to start feeding my dog homemade meals. I have read a lot of articles on the internet and want to do what is best for my dog, but never knew what to trust. Aside from the material itself making a lot of sense, hearing from a practicing vet who has studied this for years and feeds his own dogs this way, made me feel very confident about getting away from the commercial pet food.

I look forward to attending more workshops in the future. 

Lori H.